Shower Doors
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Your hardware choices are the unrecognized hero of stunning bathroom design. New hardware can give your tired, dated bathroom a refresh. The right selection can be the difference between nailing a design trend or falling short. High-quality pieces will be the difference between lasting in the long run and needing to be replaced in a few short years.

When it comes time to pick your pieces, Advance Home Specialty in Byron, Georgia, has a vast selection of door knobs, handles, racks, and holders to please any taste and fit every budget.


Middle Georgia’s High-Quality Hardware and Doorknob Supplier

Bathroom hardware comes in various colors, metals, styles, and finishes to enhance your bathroom’s design. Here are some of the top trends and recommended hardware:

  • Modern Design will call for minimally styled fixtures such as matte black towel bars, undermount drawer pulls, and lever door handles against a neutral and bright white palette.
  • Contemporary Bathroom Design will include classic, sleek, and slim profiled options such as long rectangular drawer handle in black or stainless steel.
  • Traditionally Designed spaces can include timeless round drawer pulls and antique-looking door knobs.
  • Farmhouse Style allows for more interpretation of your bathroom hardware and doorknobs, but many people prefer oversized, classicly styled pieces.
  • Rustic Design calls for unique weathered-looking hardware and knobs in bronze, copper, or brass.