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Adding an awning to your home can provide you with many benefits, such as protecting your patio furniture, providing extra weather-protected outdoor seating areas, and helping extend the life of your outdoor furniture by protecting it from the wear of the sun. Only the best will do when equipping your house with a motorized, retractable awning, and at Advance Home Specialty, we offer a variety of high-quality options to suit every budget, style, and specification.

Make Your Home Even Better with Awnings from Advance Home Specialty
Awnings look not only great but also provide many practical advantages for homes that have them. Installing them on your house can:
  • Provide UV Protection. An awning above your windows and patio doors can help keep harmful rays off your home’s exterior and interior. Over time, the bright Georgia sun can cause discoloration of your siding, floors, and paint, so having a motorized awning allows you to block the sun during the sunniest times of the day.
  • Extend Your Living Space. With an awning from Advance Home Specialty, your home’s exterior now offers more sitting areas that are protected from the weather and elements.
  • Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency. An awning that can tilt allows you to deflect direct sunlight from coming into your home. This has been shown to decrease your cooling bills by up to 20%. Retractable awnings will allow you to bring it in and soak up the beautiful sunshine during the cooler months.
  • Give Your Home More Style. Awnings from Advance Home Specialty come in various colors, styles, and materials, ensuring that your new sunshade suits your home’s decor and increases curb appeal.

Nulmage Pro Retractable Awnings

The NuImage Pro retractable awning lineup includes five models ranging from the economical 7700 to the German-engineered and built in America full cassette K300. Choose from basic and functional to commercial grade to suit your budget and application. See below for more specifications on these models.

Nulmage Pro Stationary Awnings

NuImage Pro door and window awnings provide high quality, long lasting protection from the sun and rain for your home or business. Check out each model below to learn more.