Outdoor Rated Woodburning Fireplaces

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Outdoor Rated Woodburning Fireplaces

Durable wood burning fireplace with rugged stainless steel components is a perfect solution for any outdoor or indoor setting.


  • Available in 36” and 42” models
  • Radiant smooth-faced models
  • Refractory panels in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Heavy duty stainless steel log grate
  • Easy access damper control
  • Stainless steel screens retract into hidden screen pockets
  • Adjustable outside air damper
  • Stainless steel construction for long lasting outdoor use
  • Uses IHP 8 DM (1700º) double wall air cooled wood burning chimney
  • Uses IHP 8 HT (2100º) heavy gauge double wall air cooled wood burning chimney recommended for cold climates (required for Canada)
  • 20 year limited warranty